WWBF continues to impact many along with the Rotary Club of Katy

Good day from the WWBF crew – we hope you are having a terrific summer with your friends and loved ones. WWBF continues to impact many along with the Rotary Club of Katy, and we could not do this without you and your team.

As an update, our club in its traditional form, handed out over 10 scholarships to seniors who graduated from a KISD school and are going onto college. We had students going everywhere from Sam Houston State to Rice, with your help and the help of others, our club continues to impact many. With over $100,000 to deploy in 2019 and 2020, KISD FFA and Fine Arts continue to be one of the primary benefactors of our efforts. WWBF and The Rotary Club of Katy believes that it is imperative to continue to help those in need, particularly when it comes to kids. With your help, we will attempt to remove many economic barriers from those who wish to join or participate in a program such as Band, Dance, Drama, FFA and many of the like. As we move through the year, I will continue to keep you updated on our progress – thank you for what you have done, your support, your trust in us to put on a great event while representing you and your company. You are impacting many, for this we thank you for your support!

News you can use:
Please consider joining us for our 4th Annual Flights and Bites, you can view the event below. Like all WWBF events, we will donate 100% of the proceeds to charities starting off with the Rotary Houston Firefighters home.

Tickets can be bought here:
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/flights-bites-2019-5-courses-with-6-parings-of-outstandingbeers- tickets-66576051763 WWBF

2020 dates:
WWBF 2020 has been set! We are excited to have you back again to the premier craft beer event in North America! Dates will be April 17th and 18th 2020, please mark your calendars now, we have some great things brewing for the 2020 event!

We will also do our annual WWBF beer bus Houston tour, and we also have an Austin tour planned for 12/7/19, I will come back to you with additional details on this. It will be a terrific time, we would love to host you on this “field trip” to sample some great liquid!

Below are a few of the scholarship recipients from the 2019 ending school year.

Thank you for your support, additional updates are to follow!

From the entire Rotary Club of Katy as well as your WWBF team – we wish you a great week!

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