WWBF 2019 was another success thanks to you and your support

Challenges face us all daily and we prepare daily for them by assessing and learning from the previous days, weeks, months and years. WWBF is all about overcoming challenges! The entire team at WWBF strives to provide a better life for others while seeking new ways to help those in need.

WWBF 2019 was another success thanks to you and your support. I have said for years that our sponsors make this event, as you provide the trust, support and capital to help many in our communities. From day one, the WWBF was started to increase the charitable footprint of the Rotary Club of Katy, to help others, and identify organizations that give back to our communities. The commitment from you and your company helps to make this happen.

WWBF 2019, as you might be aware, was up against a lot of competition on the event weekend. The MS 150 being the largest amongst 5 other events in the city that pulled from our patron base. The WWBF core team saw this as surmountable challenge. With the attitude of nothing can stop us with your support, we forged ahead knowing that 2019 might be a “down year” from a funding aspect.

As we approached WWBF 2019, the team and many of you thought of different ways to “present our product” to increase our marketing efforts for the event. As we met with our advertising partners, it was obvious that we needed to ramp up our footprint to reach and connect with those who would find our event enjoyable to attend. With the WWBF nationwide recognition, we partnered with our media partners to increase the marketing efforts through Google, Radio and Television. I was personally nervous, but excited to see how this decision would play out based on the challenges we faced coming into the event.

Just like you in your business, we all have to make necessary and tough decisions. As we moved into the final week before WWBF it was apparent that our attendance count would be down, but we discovered the “type of ticket” that was being bought for the event was different from previous years. We found that many more VIP Hop House tickets were bought, many more “groups” came out to the event, and many more patrons were coming from outside the greater Katy, Sugarland and Cy Fair area. With over 13 States represented in 2019, we found that the WWBF has become and continues to be a “destination” event. It is because of you and your commitment that we can make this happen. Your trust in us gives us the powerful ability to reach and positively impact many people inside and outside the Katy area.

You will be pleased to know that the WWBF 2019 had over 7500 attendees, over 600 volunteers, over 600 brews on property, and netted over $130,000 in 2019 for charitable giving (which is up from $127,000 in 2018). This puts the WWBF at over $850,000 in charitable giving since inception and we owe YOU a huge thanks for helping us achieve this feat. I am honored to chair such a great event and to get to know you and your team, but I am humbled by your trust. Your trust and support allows us to organize this great event, promote craft beer, and help so many in need. When I say we could not do this without you, I truly mean that sentiment. You make this event successful and for this, we are grateful for your support. We are just a tool and you are the engine that makes this event run and prosper year after year.

Finally, I started this update with “challenges” – we all have them and we all strive to overcome them. Our challenge for 2020 (our new 20/20 vision) will be to top the $1 million mark in funding for our charitable giving. We will need to raise 150K+ in order to get this done and with your help I am certain we can achieve this milestone! The milestone of $1 million in charitable giving through the WWBF is a goal that we would like to accomplish for WWBF 2020. As we move through the summer, I will be back to you with updates on the deployment of funds from the 2019 WWBF – rest assured that they will go to those in need.

Cheers and thank you for your support – all of us from the WWBF are grateful to you!

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