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As we completed the 6th Wild West Brewfest wrap up meeting, there were several topics that were covered. One common topic was how our sponsors are the critical component in this event. Over the years we continue to attempt to make the event the best it can be and 2017 was no exception, with 21 states and one foreign country represented while boasting close to 8000 visitors we continue to be the largest event of its kind. As you might know, our main mission of the Wild West Brewfest is to give back to many, we as a club and organizers take no fee as we believe in “service above self” which is part of Rotary. Our club started this magnificent event 6 years ago with a dream to enlarge the footprint of the Rotary Club of Katy while giving back to many. Over the years we have given back over $500,000 with the results of this past Brewfest. This accomplishment could not happen without your support.

We realize that you support the Wild West Brewfest for many reasons, we want to express our commitment to you form both marketing and doing our best to let others know about you and your company and stewardship with the funds we earn from the event. The core team of the event are all business people like you therefore we also know that you have many options for organizations to support, thank you for choosing us.

The results from the 2017 event again exceeded our expectations from both money raised and attendance. We were again blessed with great weather both Friday and Saturday, our hotels were full while the City of Katy continues to welcome us while also helping supporting the event. With each event we send a survey out to our patrons, over 96% indicated that they will be back for the 2018 event, 97% felt the event was extremely organized and finally 97.8% felt the beer at the event was the best to date. In addition to all of this, you are affiliated with an event that continues to accumulate accolades such as the “The number one event in the country who gives back –” and the “Number one event to visit in May of 2017” by With the the attendance, weather, your support and the support of our patrons, we are pleased to announce we will have over $140,000 to donate back to charities and put towards great causes. The main mission of the Wild West Brewfest is to support children, we could not do this without your help and commitment. We are excited about what the future holds for not only the event but also for the hundreds and perhaps thousands we support….giving back is why we started the event and you can rest assured that this is our mission. Our header above contains 4 important keys for our leadership team and our club. We are committed to all 4, with this commitment along with yours there is nothing we cannot achieve. Thank you for your time, your efforts, your friendship, and your patronage towards the WWBF, we truly are grateful and we would in no way be anywhere as successful as we are without you and your teams.

In step with tradition, I will report back to you as monies are allocated to worthy causes, in addition we are working on several things for 2017/2018 in which we hope you can join. One in particular will be a “high end” beer dinner otherwise known as “Flights and Bites” we are currently targeting October 14th 2017. You will receive more information as we secure the details.

Thank you once again, we look forward to sharing the allocations with you, until then…

David Loesch

Wild West Brew Fest: Community Spirit Makes the Difference
View FULL Article…  from Great Beer Now – 04/25/2017

Beer festival season is upon us and if you live in Texas, the combination of warm, summer like spring breezes and elevated thirst makes attendance at a beer festival a seasonal rite of passage. We get off to a faster beer festival season start than other parts of the country and it doesn’t hurt that we can also boast about hosting the Top Beer Festival in the United States, as selected by Beer Yeti. I am referring to the Wild West Brew Fest, scheduled for  the west Houston suburb of Katy, Texas on Saturday, May 6, 2017 with a special Launch Party on May 5. Read MORE…

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Wild West Brewfest sets goal to help out area youth
View FULL Article…  from KATY TIMES – Arts and Entertainment – 03/16/17

The Wild West Brewfest (WWBF) announced two more significant milestones in its short five-year history.

Giving back to others is what the WWBF is about, completely staffed by 100 percent volunteers in addition to the various committees that help run this event, all of these organizers do this out of love and on their own time while taking no fee. As the Wild West Brewfest continues to enlarge its footprint it also expands its reach into communities in and around Katy.

With the net proceeds exceeding $140,000 from the 2016 event, a portion of these proceeds were carved out to assist the young Texans through the local Katy FFA chapters.

“The vision of the WWBF is to help students in need,” said David Loesch event organizer. “We were proud to buy over $15,000 of animals at the local KISD FFA auctions and barn sales which happened Feb. 18.”

The FFA students work hard for most of the year and for those who do not make it to auction, the WWBF is there also to support them in the barn sale to help offset the costs of their project.

One other interesting fact, the WWBF also provides financial assistance for some students who wish to participate in raising a project however do not possess the funds to do so.

“We are proud as the Rotary Club of Katy and Wild West Brewfest to provide assistance to these great organizations while letting our students know that we care and believe in them, but we could not do this without our sponsors and or patrons, we are grateful that they have chose to support us. These donations takes the WWBF over the $300,000 level in its five short years of existence.” Loesch said.

In addition the WWBF announced it has been awarded Top Fest for May by an unbiased beer publication that reviews and rates various beer festivals.

The Wild West Brewfest continues to excel in all aspects of culture, while giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars and receiving multiple awards highlighting the good work and the excellent selection of liquid on property for the patron, the Wild West Brewfest continues to exceed the expectations of many.

“We are extremely excited to receive this award, again, we could not do this without the assistance of our sponsors, our patrons, our brewers, our volunteers and our Rotary Club. We have been blessed with a great group of partners who continue to believe in us – we are honored to work with them and for them – thank you,” said Loesch.

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Donation makes difference to Katy residents

A donation to Neuhaus Education Center from the Rotary Club of Katy has made a difference in the lives of two young students.

Cristiano and Luciano, sons of Katy resident Adrianna Adams, were each diagnosed with dyslexia when they were nine years old.

As they struggled to keep up in school, Adrianna was determined to find help for them. Her research took her to Neuhaus Education Center – a Bellaire-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting reading success.

With a donation from the Rotary Club of Katy, Neuhaus was able to provide trained tutors for the boys – both of whom are now blossoming.

“Cristiano is more confident, and his self-esteem has been boosted,” said Adrianna, adding that Luciano has a whole new outlook on school, expressing a desire to learn and work hard to achieve.

“We are so grateful to The Rotary Club of Katy for making it possible to provide Cristiano and Luciano with Neuhaus-trained tutors,” said Tracy Weeden, president/CEO of Neuhaus Education Center.

“Children with dyslexia can achieve great success in school with professional assistance and family commitment. These boys had both, and theirs is truly a success story.”

Formed in 1946, the Rotary Club of Katy is part of Rotary International, which has as one of its main missions the support of basic education and literacy.

Founded in 1980, Neuhaus Education Center provides evidence-based training and support to teachers, supplies information and resources to families, and offers direct literacy services to adult learners. Visit for more information.

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Your payday… impacting others the only way we know how… encouragement and help

The Wild West Brewfest had another record setting year; I am proud to be a part of an organization that makes this event happen. From year one where we had 1,774 people and raised a little over $17,000 to year 5 topping over 7,300 people and raising over $130,000 for those in need. Our club stands by you, our patrons and our recipients, we make promises to each and each promise is a solid profession as to how we feel not only about our event but our overall motto of a club and as human beings. It is important that our sponsors know how we feel and are aware of our passion as a team toward each of these “spokes”.

Our patrons. We continually strive to make our event better, bigger, safer and more fun than the last. We understand that our patrons have multiple choices as to where to spend their dollars for fun, and we are honored that they continue to choose us and bring their friends each year. We enjoy hosting them and watching them have a great time at an event that benefits many.

Our recipients of the funds. We support them and continually seek out new programs that need our help through funding, labor or both. Our club and the entire WWBF team is passionate about giving back; it is our motto as you see on the header, continuous improvement while servicing the community, this is what the event is based on and this is what we believe to be true, passion in our event, we love doing what we do.

Our sponsors. We could not do this without you and your trust in us to not only put on a great event but also to use the proceeds wisely in giving back to our community and far beyond. With your commitment our event continues to excel not only locally but nationally; we are continually recognized as an important event in our country and have been recognized as such by as the number one Brewfest in the country for 2015 and now just recently awarded the NUMBER ONE EVENT IN THE NATION for 2016 with the emphasis of GIVING BACK. We are one of the only events in the country that is staffed with 100% volunteers from top to bottom, we give away all of our net proceeds and we love what we do! You and your company make this happen! By our sponsors believing in us, we are able to touch many lives, not just in Katy, but also far beyond. We have changed lives, and we will continue to provide these benefits over the years.

One of the first projects WWBF embarked on was sponsoring a student from Mayde Creek High School; she was homeless and struggling. We supported her with the proceeds from the WWBF by funding her project in FFA then eventually purchasing her animal in the FFA Auction. She parlayed these funds along with scholarships and is now on a 100% academic scholarship at Texas A&M studying engineering. This would NEVER have happened without the support from our sponsors. You have put band instruments in many students hands, funded special rodeos to help mentally challenged children, funded young professional organizations to assist students in going to leadership workshops, helped fund Stuff the Sleigh who put tablets in children’s hands who are terminally ill that are unable to leave the hospital… ever, and help projects that impact elementary students learn about good deeds and exercise. These are just a few projects that we have done in the past; again, these would have never happened without your support.

I am pleased to announce the results from the 2016 event and how we are going to assist many in need of our services. I would encourage you or a member of your staff to attend our club meeting either August 18th or September 22nd, during these meetings (Noon at Falcon Point Golf Club in Katy) we will be handing out checks (hence YOUR PAYDAY) to our recipients. This will be an inspirational meeting, if you have ever wanted to see “behind the scenes” of the WWBF and how your dollars impact others, please make it a point to come to one or both of these meetings, I promise you will walk away feeling great!

Thanks to you, following are some of the ways we are able to support organizations/individuals from the 2016 event:

• KISD Band projects $13,000
• KISD FFA projects $10,000
• Casa De Esperanza (shelter for abused children) $3,500
• Rainbow Room (shelter for abused children) $3,500
• KISD FFA barn sale purchases (for students who did not make it into the auction) $10,000
• Clothed by Faith (clothing ministry for the underprivileged to buy collection bins for clothing donations) $8,000
• Paint USA (painting a map of the US on elementary school basketball courts) $1,000
• Christmas Toy Drive $2,000
• Fort Bend Scholarships for underprivileged students coordinated by Commissioner Andy Meyers $3,000
• Children of the Dump (International project in Nicaragua to assist young children with food) $3,000
• FFA Hamburger cookout (cooking hamburgers for the students on “barn move in day”) $1,000
• Disaster Relief Fund (these funds are set aside for disasters such as the flooding the City of Katy and surrounding areas experienced in the Spring of 2016) $2,000
• Fire Pups (teaching young children the dangers of fire) $500
• Christ Clinic (providing medication and medical services to those less fortunate) $5,000
• YMCA (dedicated to funding programs for economically challenged families with children, teaching them to learn how to swim) $3,000
• KISD Career and Technical Student organizations (helping those who cannot attend leadership conferences) $3,000
• Katy Celebration days $5,000
• Keep Katy Beautiful $5,000
• Katy Special Rodeo (helping challenged young people enjoy various rodeo activities) $2,000
• Katy Gardening Project (teaching our elementary students the importance of learning how to plant a garden and the simple things like where do carrots come from) $1.500

Above are just a few of the programs that we are supporting now… there are more to come! Making things happen is what we do and we have a feeling that it is what you do as well, please note we recognize that this is your capital, we are grateful that you help support this noble cause. You will continue to receive updates from our club and me. We value you, your company, your family and your commitment to our passion. I look forward to seeing you either August 18th and/or September 22nd; until then, enjoy your summer and thank you once again for your support, we are grateful to you!

David Loesch

Proceeds and turnout set another Wild West Brewfest record in Katy

Drawing another record number of participants, this year’s Wild West Brewfest also earned a record amount to benefit Katy-area youngsters.

“This event continues to amaze everyone, and we have many people to thank, from our patrons, sponsors, the City of Katy and the Rotary Club of Katy. The 2016 Wild West Brewfest generated over $140,000, up from $85,000 in 2015, which will all be given back to worthy causes in and around our great city,” said David Loesch, the event’s chairman. “This event continues to be the premier Brewfest in the City of Houston and far beyond thanks to the tireless efforts of the Rotary Club of Katy and all of our 400+ volunteers. A big shout-out goes to all of our sponsor – the sponsors really make it happen,” Over 7,300 attendees helped push the Brewfest into record numbers. “We were proud to win the #1 spot for the Best Brewfest in the Country and the most desired to visit in 2016 by,” said Loesch. “We wanted to live up to the expectations set forth by our sponsors, patrons, volunteers and our club. All of this drives us to do the best job we can while keeping the end goal, which is giving back to others.”

Loesch said that with the support of our sponsors and patrons, the Wild West Brewfest surpassed expectations for 2016. “This means we can give a tremendous amount to Katy area nonprofits. The event has gotten so big we started setting up on Tuesday and didn’t finish until Friday afternoon. It is important to note that we are all volunteers. We donate our time and capital to make this event the best it can be because we are passionate about beer and helping others,” said Loesch. The festival, held Saturday, April 23rd, began with a sold-out Launch Party for over 1200 people on Friday evening sponsored by the City of Katy, one of the many entities and businesses that supported the event. With the expanded space located at Katy Mills Mall, the event had over 130 brewers this year bringing over 630 different types of beers, which is up from 350 in 2015.

Security for the event was organized by Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Senior Patrol Deputy Freddie Bautista, who has headed the security detail since the Brewfest began. “We had no incidents,” Bautista said. “The crowd was really well-behaved. Every year it’s just getting bigger and bigger,” said Bautista, who noted there were about 30 paid peace officers at the festival. “We have several officers who come back year after year to work the Brewfest. We have officers from the Fort Bend and Harris County Sheriff’s Offices, from Katy Police Department, Waller County Sheriff’s deputies, Hempstead Police Department and the University of Houston Police Department.” According to Kayce Reina, Katy’s Director of Tourism & Marketing, “This event continues to be one of the signature events for the City of Katy. We are pleased to sponsor an event that gives so much back to our city and our citizens,” said Reina. “This is the third year the city has helped sponsor the Brewfest, and we look forward to doing so again in the future.”





Bryce Lax - FFA

Marydith Donnelly - FFA

Helping kids is what the Wild West Brew Fest is all about!
Thanks to you, we are able to support “Katy Students Run” see below!
See you in April, get your tickets now!

Katy Students Run

Neuhaus Education Center


We started making things happen and ended up making dreams come true.

Many organizations benefit each year from the Wild West Brew Fest. Here are a few of the Thank You’s we received in 2014 and 2015.

Rotary Thank You Card

Rotary Thank You Card

Brew Fest Revenue Donated By Katy Rotary
August 27, 2015

KATY (Covering Katy) – The Katy Rotary donated tens-of-thousands of dollars to area organizations Thursday afternoon. All of the money was generated by their largest fund raiser, the Wild West Brew Fest.

The Wild West Brew Fest crossed the 6,000-guest mark for 2015 as compared to 3,314 in 2014; in addition it netted more than $113,000. It is one of the only events in the Houston area fully staffed by volunteers, with no management fee, according to event organizer David Loesch of the Katy Rotary.

Many of the checks were presented on Thursday but there will be other organizations that will benefit from Rotary club donations too.

The Rotary club has two large fundraisers each year. The other is the Katy Triathlon at Firethorne which is Sunday, September 27, 2015.

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