Frequently Asked Questions

For the advance VIP ticket, is the sampler card (good for 12x2oz) only used for regular fest samples or also within the VIP area?

Drink cards can be used in main area and VIP, you can buy as many drink cards as you wish.

The food is complimentary to our VIP guests in the Hop House, however drink cards are required for beer.

Only VIP patrons allowed to come in at 2pm, the entire festival will be open only for VIP between the hours of 2pm and 3pm. Then general admission at 3pm.

You will get one drink card for 12 2OZ pours with your ticket. If you’d like more that’s where the extra cards come in.

Only tastings are allowed. However, there will be several can zones where you can use your drink card to purchase a can of beer.

NO you cannot sorry.

Yes, but accompanied by an adult.



Hop House VIP Tent.

Anywhere at Katy Mills Mall.