Donation makes difference to Katy residents

A donation to Neuhaus Education Center from the Rotary Club of Katy has made a difference in the lives of two young students.

Cristiano and Luciano, sons of Katy resident Adrianna Adams, were each diagnosed with dyslexia when they were nine years old.

As they struggled to keep up in school, Adrianna was determined to find help for them. Her research took her to Neuhaus Education Center – a Bellaire-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting reading success.

With a donation from the Rotary Club of Katy, Neuhaus was able to provide trained tutors for the boys – both of whom are now blossoming.

“Cristiano is more confident, and his self-esteem has been boosted,” said Adrianna, adding that Luciano has a whole new outlook on school, expressing a desire to learn and work hard to achieve.

“We are so grateful to The Rotary Club of Katy for making it possible to provide Cristiano and Luciano with Neuhaus-trained tutors,” said Tracy Weeden, president/CEO of Neuhaus Education Center.

“Children with dyslexia can achieve great success in school with professional assistance and family commitment. These boys had both, and theirs is truly a success story.”

Formed in 1946, the Rotary Club of Katy is part of Rotary International, which has as one of its main missions the support of basic education and literacy.

Founded in 1980, Neuhaus Education Center provides evidence-based training and support to teachers, supplies information and resources to families, and offers direct literacy services to adult learners. Visit for more information.

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