As We Get Closer to the School Year

As we get closer to the school year our club enjoyed giving away multiple $2500 scholarships to well deserving seniors that are getting ready to head off to college. These funds were generated from our annual Triathlon held each year in the Fall. As you know, we continue to be committed to the Youth of Texas!

The Rotary Club of Katy is alive and strong thanks to you and your support. As we have said on many occasions the sponsorships in which we receive from companies and individuals such as yourself continue to fuel our giving to various organizations.

Coming off another record-breaking year, the Wild West Brewfest continues to be the number one event in the city of Houston and consistently ranked number one in the country by Every year we embark upon the WWBF we look back at the previous year and wonder how can we top that!? Knowing that we are only doing this out of love and passion while taking no fee helps us stay focused on the true meaning of the event, giving back to others while having fun in the process.

As you know from our first update from the 2017 event, the WWBF netted over $150,000; this could not have been achieved without you. We are excited to share with you the first round of allocations to various organizations in which you helped us be a part of.

  • $15,000 will be donated to KISD Fine Arts – specifically, this money will be put towards students that wish to join band however due to financial reasons they are unable to purchase an instrument. This will mark the 5th year this program is in existence, each year we continue to build the inventory of instruments for children who wish to be a part of something but need the help to do so.
  • $14,000 will be donated to KISD FFA – this marks the 6th year the WWBF has given back to this worthy program. Like the band instruments, these funds will assist those in financial need who wish to participate in a project through their AG Class.
  • $10,000 will also be donated to purchase barn animals at the FFA auction. As many of you know, students who raise a project will not necessarily gain entry into the auction. For those who do not qualify for the Auction, our club is there to help by adding monies for their animals. To top it off, we process these animals once purchased and donate the meat to local food pantry’s, from the 2016 event we were able to donate over 3 tons of meat and we are expecting the same from the 2017 event.
  • $4,000 will be donated to the KISD special rodeo an amazing program to give our challenged students a great time during the KISD Livestock Show by working with real life “cowboys” and riding animals. The joy and memories made from this program with your help are beyond words could describe.
  • $1000 for the Katy Gardening Project – helping elementary students learn about the values of cultivating the land while learning about healthy living and eating
  • $1000 for “Take me Fishing” – similar to the gardening project this project teaches elementary students how to fish and the importance of respecting Mother Nature.
  • $5000 for Christ Clinic – a community outreach program formulated to assist those without healthcare for their medical needs.
  • $3000 for Children of the Dump – an international project based in Chinandega, Nicaragua. This is a terrific international project to assist children and their displaced families to help find food, shelter, and education. This project continues the mission of WWBF to reach far beyond our borders to assist children in need. This project was started in 1997 by a group of Rotarians and with your help, is still going strong today.
  • $3000 for Child Advocates of Fort Bend County, an organization assisting in breaking the cycle of child abuse in Fort Bend County.
  • $3000 for Fort Bend Library and Fine Arts Festival – many scholarships recognizes sports, band, and FFA, we also believe in supporting the Fine Arts by giving scholarships to those who wish to study the arts. Supporting all types of talents is what the WWBF is about.
  • $3000 towards Casa De Esparza – a protective home for abused loved ones coming from broken homes.

The above are some of the highlights with much more to come during the year. We are excited to continue to share with you the “good news and results” from the WWBF and how you are impacting others through your donations. We know you have many options to donate your capital to many charities, we are honored that you have chosen us. As in years past, I will continue to update you on our progress and programs, it is our joy to share our progress and our continuing commitment to the Youth of Texas.

Thank you for your support, more to come soon!

David Loesch

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