As We Competed the 6th WWBF

As we completed the 6th Wild West Brewfest wrap up meeting, there were several topics that were covered. One common topic was how our sponsors are the critical component in this event. Over the years we continue to attempt to make the event the best it can be and 2017 was no exception, with 21 states and one foreign country represented while boasting close to 8000 visitors we continue to be the largest event of its kind. As you might know, our main mission of the Wild West Brewfest is to give back to many, we as a club and organizers take no fee as we believe in “service above self” which is part of Rotary. Our club started this magnificent event 6 years ago with a dream to enlarge the footprint of the Rotary Club of Katy while giving back to many. Over the years we have given back over $500,000 with the results of this past Brewfest. This accomplishment could not happen without your support.

We realize that you support the Wild West Brewfest for many reasons, we want to express our commitment to you form both marketing and doing our best to let others know about you and your company and stewardship with the funds we earn from the event. The core team of the event are all business people like you therefore we also know that you have many options for organizations to support, thank you for choosing us.

The results from the 2017 event again exceeded our expectations from both money raised and attendance. We were again blessed with great weather both Friday and Saturday, our hotels were full while the City of Katy continues to welcome us while also helping supporting the event. With each event we send a survey out to our patrons, over 96% indicated that they will be back for the 2018 event, 97% felt the event was extremely organized and finally 97.8% felt the beer at the event was the best to date. In addition to all of this, you are affiliated with an event that continues to accumulate accolades such as the “The number one event in the country who gives back –” and the “Number one event to visit in May of 2017” by With the the attendance, weather, your support and the support of our patrons, we are pleased to announce we will have over $140,000 to donate back to charities and put towards great causes. The main mission of the Wild West Brewfest is to support children, we could not do this without your help and commitment. We are excited about what the future holds for not only the event but also for the hundreds and perhaps thousands we support….giving back is why we started the event and you can rest assured that this is our mission. Our header above contains 4 important keys for our leadership team and our club. We are committed to all 4, with this commitment along with yours there is nothing we cannot achieve. Thank you for your time, your efforts, your friendship, and your patronage towards the WWBF, we truly are grateful and we would in no way be anywhere as successful as we are without you and your teams.

In step with tradition, I will report back to you as monies are allocated to worthy causes, in addition we are working on several things for 2017/2018 in which we hope you can join. One in particular will be a “high end” beer dinner otherwise known as “Flights and Bites” we are currently targeting October 14th 2017. You will receive more information as we secure the details.

Thank you once again, we look forward to sharing the allocations with you, until then…

David Loesch

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