2019 Results

WWBF continues to impact many along with the Rotary Club of Katy

Good day from the WWBF crew – we hope you are having a terrific summer with your friends and loved ones. WWBF continues to impact many along with the Rotary Club of Katy, and we could not do this without you and your team.

As an update, our club in its traditional form, handed out over 10 scholarships to seniors who graduated from a KISD school and are going onto college. We had students going everywhere from Sam Houston State to Rice, with your help and the help of others, our club continues to impact many. With over $100,000 to deploy in 2019 and 2020, KISD FFA and Fine Arts continue to be one of the primary benefactors of our efforts. WWBF and The Rotary Club of Katy believes that it is imperative to continue to help those in need, particularly when it comes to kids. With your help, we will attempt to remove many economic barriers from those who wish to join or participate in a program such as Band, Dance, Drama, FFA and many of the like. As we move through the year, I will continue to keep you updated on our progress – thank you for what you have done, your support, your trust in us to put on a great event while representing you and your company. You are impacting many, for this we thank you for your support!

News you can use:
Please consider joining us for our 4th Annual Flights and Bites, you can view the event below. Like all WWBF events, we will donate 100% of the proceeds to charities starting off with the Rotary Houston Firefighters home.

Tickets can be bought here:
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/flights-bites-2019-5-courses-with-6-parings-of-outstandingbeers- tickets-66576051763 WWBF

2020 dates:
WWBF 2020 has been set! We are excited to have you back again to the premier craft beer event in North America! Dates will be April 17th and 18th 2020, please mark your calendars now, we have some great things brewing for the 2020 event!

We will also do our annual WWBF beer bus Houston tour, and we also have an Austin tour planned for 12/7/19, I will come back to you with additional details on this. It will be a terrific time, we would love to host you on this “field trip” to sample some great liquid!

Below are a few of the scholarship recipients from the 2019 ending school year.

Thank you for your support, additional updates are to follow!

From the entire Rotary Club of Katy as well as your WWBF team – we wish you a great week!

Over the years, over $800,000 has been given back

Good day from the team at WWBF and the entire group from the Rotary Club of Katy!

As you know, we believe in keeping those who help us make this event happen updated on the capital deployments throughout the year. If it were not for you and your commitment to the WWBF, we would not be able to give back to many different organizations to help those in need. Over the years, over $800,000 has been given back, with your help we hope to cross the 1 million mark in 2020!

The first wave of distributions is being sent, with more to come. As an update to you, the following charities will be assisted from the WWBF along with your efforts.

Buddy Bench $1000 – The Buddy Bench is a Friendship bench primarily placed at elementary school playgrounds to encourage young students to sit with one another while also helping develop lifelong friendships. As you know bullying has been an issue in many schools, there are many instances where The Buddy Bench has helped stop this awful act of aggression.

Christ Clinic $2000 – Christ Clinic was awarded the 2019 platinum Guidestar Seal of Transparency, and with The Rotary Club of Katy having a long-standing relationship with this organization, it is only fitting to assist in this worthy cause. Christ Clinic provides healthcare for those 18 years and older who have not private insurance, Medical or VA benefits. Most of their clients are in the low-income bracket and simply cannot afford healthcare. We have supported this organization for many years as it is in line with our mission of helping those that need by taking the financial obstacles away.

Clothed by Faith $2500 – Clothed By Faith is an organization which started in Katy to provide gently used clothing to those in need. They operate on 100% donations along with many volunteers. 1 in 4 children in Harris county are below the poverty line (more than 300,000 children) and Clothed By Faith helps many of these. We are proud to help such an organization and happy to partner with them on various items.

Come Ride with Us $1000 – This is an organization was created out of the desire to raise money to provide bikes to Katy area children at Christmas. In the past, they have participated with other organizations in donating bikes but felt lead to help children in Katy. With the assistance of local school counselors, Katy Christian Ministries, and local businesses that dream became a reality.

Elijah Rising $2500 – Elijah Rising’s mission is to end sex trafficking through prayer, awareness, intervention, and restoration. Elijah Rising was founded in 2012 as a prayer gathering that focused on ending sex trafficking in Houston. Across Houston women and girls were being sold for sex, but there was little outcry, so Elijah Rising began hosting Van Tours and showing the public that sex trafficking is happening across our city.

Katy Cares $2500 – Katy Cares hits home at the root of why WWBF was formed Their mission is to help residents excel in personal growth, spiritual growth, educational accomplishments, professional partnerships while helping them engage in their communities. Their core values are: accountability, dignity, compassion, excellence and integrity, the WWBF believes strongly in these values and proud to support such a cause.

Lunches of Love $1500 -Lunches of Love (LOL), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that is committed to helping end childhood hunger in Fort Bend County by providing a free nutritious sack lunch during extended school holidays and weekends. The goal of LOL’s vision for the future is to sustain our current program while expanding to include additional Title 1 schools. We are committed to helping end childhood hunger among these innocent children.

Raise up Families $2000 – For more than 24 years, RaiseUp Families has made the goal of uninterrupted education in a child’s learning the focus of its mission to strengthen families. We believe that equipped with the right tools, guidance, and resources, families are empowered to overcome obstacles and discover their potential for a future that might not otherwise be possible.

Stuff the Sleigh $1500 – Stuff the Sleigh is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to helping children and their families experience, for a moment in time, the joy and spirit of Christmas through year-round giving to those children who are affected by cancer and hematological conditions.

Teddy COP Program $1000 – Officer Luis Santiago founded the Teddy Cop program in Katy ISD in 2016 and runs the program. The bears (buddies) are purchased from Build-a-Bear with their unique outfit matching our local Katy ISD Police’s uniform. Katy ISD has 36 elementary schools with a special needs program totaling over 1,000 students.

Thank you for continuing to support us, I have said many times that the WWBF would be nothing without you, our brewers and our patrons – however, you and your efforts help us do the above. There will be additional funding items coming next Quarter and we will be equally as excited to share those with you as well!

As for 2020 – We will be hosting you and your team at WWBF starting Thursday 4/16 with our first ever K-Town Throw-down, a free event with food trucks, music, casino night (small buy-in) and $5 beers, will prove to be a great time! 4/17 will be our Launch party and 4/18/2020 will be the 9th annual WWBF!

I look forward to the next update, until then, cheers!
David Loesch

WWBF 2019 was another success thanks to you and your support

Challenges face us all daily and we prepare daily for them by assessing and learning from the previous days, weeks, months and years. WWBF is all about overcoming challenges! The entire team at WWBF strives to provide a better life for others while seeking new ways to help those in need.

WWBF 2019 was another success thanks to you and your support. I have said for years that our sponsors make this event, as you provide the trust, support and capital to help many in our communities. From day one, the WWBF was started to increase the charitable footprint of the Rotary Club of Katy, to help others, and identify organizations that give back to our communities. The commitment from you and your company helps to make this happen.

WWBF 2019, as you might be aware, was up against a lot of competition on the event weekend. The MS 150 being the largest amongst 5 other events in the city that pulled from our patron base. The WWBF core team saw this as surmountable challenge. With the attitude of nothing can stop us with your support, we forged ahead knowing that 2019 might be a “down year” from a funding aspect.

As we approached WWBF 2019, the team and many of you thought of different ways to “present our product” to increase our marketing efforts for the event. As we met with our advertising partners, it was obvious that we needed to ramp up our footprint to reach and connect with those who would find our event enjoyable to attend. With the WWBF nationwide recognition, we partnered with our media partners to increase the marketing efforts through Google, Radio and Television. I was personally nervous, but excited to see how this decision would play out based on the challenges we faced coming into the event.

Just like you in your business, we all have to make necessary and tough decisions. As we moved into the final week before WWBF it was apparent that our attendance count would be down, but we discovered the “type of ticket” that was being bought for the event was different from previous years. We found that many more VIP Hop House tickets were bought, many more “groups” came out to the event, and many more patrons were coming from outside the greater Katy, Sugarland and Cy Fair area. With over 13 States represented in 2019, we found that the WWBF has become and continues to be a “destination” event. It is because of you and your commitment that we can make this happen. Your trust in us gives us the powerful ability to reach and positively impact many people inside and outside the Katy area.

You will be pleased to know that the WWBF 2019 had over 7500 attendees, over 600 volunteers, over 600 brews on property, and netted over $130,000 in 2019 for charitable giving (which is up from $127,000 in 2018). This puts the WWBF at over $850,000 in charitable giving since inception and we owe YOU a huge thanks for helping us achieve this feat. I am honored to chair such a great event and to get to know you and your team, but I am humbled by your trust. Your trust and support allows us to organize this great event, promote craft beer, and help so many in need. When I say we could not do this without you, I truly mean that sentiment. You make this event successful and for this, we are grateful for your support. We are just a tool and you are the engine that makes this event run and prosper year after year.

Finally, I started this update with “challenges” – we all have them and we all strive to overcome them. Our challenge for 2020 (our new 20/20 vision) will be to top the $1 million mark in funding for our charitable giving. We will need to raise 150K+ in order to get this done and with your help I am certain we can achieve this milestone! The milestone of $1 million in charitable giving through the WWBF is a goal that we would like to accomplish for WWBF 2020. As we move through the summer, I will be back to you with updates on the deployment of funds from the 2019 WWBF – rest assured that they will go to those in need.

Cheers and thank you for your support – all of us from the WWBF are grateful to you!